Foster Care: One Hurdle, Two Hurdles, Red Hurdle, Blue Hurdle

Our case was suppose to go to court tomorrow to approve a longer placement with our baby bear. But our case was postponed because the docket was too full. So this has lead to a bunch of set backs, kind of. It means our case won't go to court for our longer placement until August. It's really confusing and I don't pretend to fully understand the foster care system yet, but I promise to share every little thing I learn along the way. All I know right now is that baby bear is safe at home with us.

Although we're still a bit in the dark about the whole process, we did get a chance to have a meeting with our whole foster care team (including the case manager, coordinator, youth protection worker, lawyer, etc) and it was a wonderful experience. These lovely people really care about those kids and have no problem offering us help and encouraging us. There is nothing as staggering as a coordinator of Youth Protection saying "Look how attached he is to you, you're doing an amazing job. You are saving his life. Thank you". It's a good thing I didn't break down in tears right in their office. For all the unknowns in this process one thing is very clear, those workers are amazing saints and we are right where we are suppose to be with our baby bear. No regrets. Not a one. 

Thank you all for your love and support with us on this journey. I can't believe how surrounded in love our little family has been. 

Cheers to more days to get more day to get to endless numbered days. 


  1. You are amazing and very, very blessed! Cannot wait till we get to meet this life changing child. So, so happy for you and Max and Baby Bear!

  2. You guys really are so amazing. I can't even imagine how hard it is living on a timer but all I can say is he is so lucky to have you both, you're giving him the very best start in life and whatever happens, you can always be proud of that and the love will never end. He looks adorable. xx

  3. those of us in the foster care system often don't understand it either. so silly. have fun with that baby boy!

  4. still thinking of you guys and keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. I hope it works out where you get to keep the little guy as long as possible. I know that he is surrounded by a whole lot of love right now :)


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