Northern Living: Goose Break

It’s that beautiful time of year again, time to dust off the ol’ suit case and take a break from life in the North for a couple of weeks. Why are we taking a break at the end of April you ask? Because up here in the North we do not have a Spring/March break, we have what is known as Goose Break. It’s the time of year where local people pack up and head out into the bush (i.e. the forest) to set up their camps and spend a few weeks hunting geese.

The local people mostly hunt for their meat and delight in this time of year to fill their freezers with geese to last them until this time next year. It’s a really fun time of year, everyone is buzzing about their plans and little ones are hoping this will be the year they get their first goose. Because when a kid gets their first goose it’s a huge deal, they have a big ceremony and get their photo in the paper. It’s really fun and everyone is watching the sky waiting for the arrival of the geese.

Most people who live here now but are from a southern community (like myself) take this time of year to enjoy a little break. The majority of folks are eager to take a real break and get away from winter so they head somewhere tropical like Cuba or Hawaii or the south of France. We are trucking on down to our own province of New Brunswick for quick trip with the family.

We couldn’t be more excited for this little escape and we hope to be greeted by warm sun and no more snow (please no more snow). We are practically vibrating waiting to get on the road and take our three day drive home with a couple of fun activities along the way. I can’t wait to smell the sea breeze and then see the great valley that holds my home.

There is of course a twinge of sadness as we thought we’d be bringing our little ones home by this trip, I can’t believe sometimes how much time has passed and they still aren’t with us. But we are celebrating our time together and we’re really looking forward to the drive together. To sit together as we travel through the wild land home and just be together. Dream together as we travel and hope that on our next trip south they’ll be with us.

Cheers to going south as the geese go north.

The Wait/Weight

To be honest when we started the adoption process I was so excited and everything seemed to be going to smoothly and quickly and it’s was all joy and happiness. But when the waiting started I felt crushed by it. I couldn’t escape it.  I was always thinking about how long things were taking and how much longer they would take. Every setback was earth shattering. I was constantly preoccupied and I put everything on hold just in case. We won’t make any summer plans just in case. We better not sign up for that just in case. And when the wait stretched out, I would crumble.

The wait became an unbearable weight on me.

This time around things seem different for me. I am not anxiously waiting by the phone. I am not spending hours emailing checking up on things. I am not glued to the adoption books. I am not turning down plans just in case. I just feel so at ease. Relaxed even. Content.

It could be because we really are on the right track now. It could be because there is no timeline. With Ukraine they told us it would be six months, we’d be home with kids in six months give or take a few weeks for delays in Ukraine. It could be because we’ve been in this game a long time and we know better than to have expectations.

It could be because we are really taking this opportunity to have a second honeymoon phase.

It could be that we’re tired of waiting and it’s time to get on with our lives.

But I think it’s probably because I have no expectations. I don’t expect kids any time soon. I don’t expect things to move quickly or smoothly. I don’t stay up late talking about how we’ll handle it if they come at this time or this. I don’t expect to have kids by summer so we’re not making all of our plans around them. We aren’t constantly expecting our lives to be different the next day.

The weight is gone and I’ve settled into the wait. For now I'm enjoying my freedom. I'm enjoying late nights with friends. I'm enjoying making plans for just the two of us. I'm enjoying living in our little bubble of two.

I know someday they’ll come, but until then we’re getting back to our lives together because we have a wonderful life just the two of us. Of course on the flip side of this, while I wait comfortably on our couch, safe in our home while snacking on some delicious pineapple our someday kids are out there probably not enjoying themselves. Probably not feeling safe or loved. Probably not being put to bed with 6 million bedtime stories. But I've accepted that I've done all I can in this situation, all I can do now is hope and pray that they are ok and settle into the lull of this wait period. 

Max does not feel the same, he's anxious and impatient in this new period.

…and check back with me next week and I'll probably be in the same boat. 

Cheers to no expectations.

365 Days of Gratitude

Treats for Easter/Samples of Fabrics I Designed/Morning Snuggles
Letters from my Grampy/Booties I Made/Painting the Kitchen
More Presents for Babies/I Love This New Color/Baby Ensemble

Happy Easter Weekend Everybody!

Other Things to be Grateful for... 
This awesome hair- I love this loose updo
This awesome project- Tee Infinity Scarf
This awesome recipe- Garlic Parmesan Knots
This awesome quote- This is my favorite quote

What are you grateful for this week?

Cheers to long weekends.

DIY: Presents for Little Ones


I don't know about you but everyone I know is having a baby this year, by my count I saw pregnancy announcements on facebook last week. I'm so happy for all these little families, but now I'm left with the task of coming up with gifts for them all. To be honest I've been a little lacks in my baby gift giving, at one point I just had no money and it just became so overwhelming to be buying baby gifts all the freakin time. But I'm trying to be a better friend and get back into the spirit of gift giving especially since I've gain some crafting skills and can make cute gifts for pennies (or the equivalent of pennies since they don't exist anymore, so bizarre). 

I thought some of you might be in the same boat as me and staring at a mile long list of new babies to celebrate with gifts. And some of you might be thinking of trying to make gifts so you'll save a little cash and make something personal for your sweet friends. Here are a few of my favorite tutorials I'll be giving a try this weekend.

The first are the super cutie booties(above) handmade by sowing two simple pieces of felt together. I love the sweet round shape and exposed stitching. The bonus is that these look like they could be whipped up in a few minutes.Check out the great tutorial by purlbee here

I love these hats, the two knots are a bit unexpected and kind of look like sweet bunny ears to me. I've already made a couple of test ones and they turned out pretty good but a little tricky doing those tight turns at the top. But I definitely recommend giving this tutorial a try because they do look super sweet. Tutorial by Prudent Baby here


I know we all have some old tees in the back of our closets, maybe even some super cute all band tees that could make the cutest little baby outfits you ever did see. Which would also make this project cost nothing but your time, a great perk if you have some busy lady friends like I do if ya know what I mean. Full tutorial from the Seamery here

And  I guess babies aren't just cute little dress up dolls so I'll throw in this super cute little toy too. I love the sweet little face and the rainbow tags and the little lop sided smile. Plus I guess baby love the little tags, what is that anyway? I guess I don't know much about the logic of babies, but I do know they love color and this sweet project is full of it. Here is the full Chez Beeper BeBe tutorial.

I think that's a good list to get me started on the baby presents I'll need to get started on. I was looking for a good bib pattern but I haven't really found any that I like, I might have to make a pattern myself and see how it goes. 

Have you been bombarded with baby announcements lately? Any good kiddo projects on hand?

Cheers to new little ones.

Foster Care: How We Get From Here to There

I live in a different part of the world, really different. Even though I’m Canadian, I don’t live in a typical part of Canada and I'm not just talking  about the weather. The first language here is not French or English. The dominate race isn't Caucasian. This town has only been established for 30 some years, and is only accessible by driving the second longest stretch of no service highway in Canada. We do not have a hair salon, movie theater, box store, drug store, Tim Hortons, mall, clothing store, dollar store, no fast food, etc. There is no alcohol sold in this town and there are no bars. Needless to say it’s a little bit different from the Canadian (or North American) norm.

All that to say that this place is not the norm so naturally foster care adoption does not follow the normal procedure either. Typically (as it can be anyway) when you are going for foster care adoption you contact the local social services, get signed up, do some classes, complete a home study and get on a waiting list then kids will be offered to you then you accept or decline. Then you go through a waiting period, the match is evaluated and then 6 months or so later you go to court and legally adopt the child (if that's the best choice for everyone.)

For us it’s not going to be like that all. Everything is going to be a little in reverse. I spoke to you about how we came to find ourselves in the foster care adoption process, so we didn’t seek it out the program sought us out (destiny, destiny). And we will be the first family ever to go through the fosadopt program here. The first ever. On one hand it's a good thing because it will open up the process for other couples to do it too but it will also leave us vulnerable for lots of doovers, waiting and potential heartbreaks. So it’s going to be a long process I imagine, with lots of trial and error.

So normally in the fosadopt process we would do the home study, but not here. Our first step is the waiting step, we are officially a waiting to adopt family. We are waiting for our match.

Yeah, did I just say that? We are a waiting family. Crazy right?

Why is it this way? Because there isn’t a bank of waiting children, there is only one bank and it’s the waiting family bank and we are the only ones in it. So they are preparing the children to be in the program. They are currently doing the medical testing and mental testing. They are making sure they are in all likelihood (but not for certain) going to become legally free to adopt. And they are making sure there isn’t any family out there to take them in. It’s a lot of work and I imagine it’s going to be a lot of waiting.

Once kids are unlikely to be returned to their bio parents, then they’ll look for potential parents (which is only us right now). If we look like the right match the kids will be proposed to us and we’ll get to accept or decline them based on social or medical needs. If we agree THEN we do the home study and go from there (which is a whole other process.)

We're scared for sure, for a million reasons but we're excited and hopeful that things will all work out for the best one way or another.

Cheers to one way or another.

Getting Crunchy with Essential Oils

I am many things, crafter, painter, dreamer, whiskey drinker, jewelry maker, coffee consumer, kitchen dancer, iphonographer, silly face maker, misfit lover, knitter, snow shoveler, and occasional cooker.  But one thing I never considered myself to be was a crunchy. Mostly because I don’t like to associate myself with labels that describe a system of belief, I will describe what I do but not who I am. Like Ferris Bueller said “A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself.” I agree I don't like to be put in boxes, no two people believe the exact same thing in the exact same way. But lately I’ve been finding myself becoming a little crunchier around the edges.

Sure I always use reusable bags, I loathe using paper plates and cups,  I follow Max around the house turning off all the lights he leaves on,  I try my best to buy ethically sourced meat, coffee beans and honey. But honestly I never put too much effort into the other things, I either didn’t feel they were necessary or I scoffed thinking that some of those were nonsense. One of the things I never really considered to be necessary in my life were essential oils, but boy was I ever so wrong.

I don’t know why I originally ignored essential oils, maybe because I didn’t think they had a place in my life or weren’t really suited to my lifestyle. About three years ago though when we moved up North a woman at a lotion shop suggested I buy some almond oil for my face to help with the dry winters I was about to enter into. I bought it on a whim and I’ve been using it ever since, but never really put much thought into other oils.  Until a couple of months ago when I was having trouble sleeping, I either couldn’t quiet my brain long enough to get to sleep or I would constantly wake up in the night from horrible nightmares.  I'd read a few places that lavender oil helps promotes relaxation and sleep, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I honestly can't believe the results. To be honestly it works a little too well, sometimes I diffuse a little oil and I'm asleep before I even put down my book. 

After my lavender success I decided to explore other oils. I've tried clove for a midday energy boost, bergamot oil for a fabric refresher and sweet orange oil for an air freshener. I'm happy to say that I've loved them all and have felt they really hold true on their promised properties. So far lavender has been the most effective and clove has been my favorite smell. I think I'll keep exploring these and trying new ones.

Are you a little crunchy? Have you tired any essential oils?

Cheers to a good night's sleep.